About the Access Network

The Access Network is here to help YOU advance your skills, expand your network and grow your businessThe Access Network was established to help you, the busy professional, to advance your skills, expand your network and grow your business. The Access Network features a unique structure to ensure your success. We structured our organization to help you, on your way up the ladder of success, to maximize your time, energy and resources.

Each group meets once a week at designated time and location. Three of the monthly meetings are focused on networking while the fourth meeting is focused on group networking (targetted marketing) . Membership in the group is exclusive for specific products/services. Only one company in a specific industry can be represented. This will ensure a complementary and supportive group structure.

Our networking meetings will involve collaborative effort among the team to seek clients. Our online system will ensure that members can provide leads and introductions to potential clients. It is usually more helpful to have warm leads than making cold calls. This is where our online system will be very useful. The system will track member profiles, company information, specials and other resources. Members can track leads, referrals and contacts online.

The targetted marketing meeting will focus on strategic planning for the entire group. This will allow the group to develop a plan to target business complexes or untapped markets.

The optional personal development sessions will focus on networking skills, public speaking ability and knowledge of management styles. This will be possible by following the Toastmasters International time-tested programs. To supplement the hands-on, self-paced training, we will also provide you with access to leading book summaries. We will help you eliminate costly business seminars and conferences and offer you with resources that are written by today’s most respected business leaders, many of whom lecture around the globe. You will be able to access them in digital as well as audio formats.