Membership Benefits

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or a sales professional, the Access Network will provide you with the same resources available to corporations with large training and marketing dollars such as:an8

  • Networking
  • Training
  • Online Resources

Our exclusive group membership offers you a locally-based team representing a wide range of non-competing professions.

You may be wondering…

  • What can the Access Network offer my business?
  • How will I advance my skills?
  • How can I expand my network?
  • And how will the Access Network help me grow my business?

The Access Network offers you a complete package of resources to help you advance your skills, expand your network and grow your business. The package offers the following services:


One of the major strengths of any group’s success is the variety of professions represented by its members. With Access Network, each member is offered exclusivity for their line of business. This policy helps maximize your contact base and trust in the group. This is in contrast to how Chamber of Commerce groups work, in which you are competing against many other similar businesses.

Our weekly one-hour meetings will provide you with a focused marketing resource to reach out to potential clients. The leverage of 20 members and their personal network is far more effective than making cold calls. Our online system will help you maintain your contacts, request and track referrals, as well as access various online resources.


Through the Access Network, you will be automatically enrolled in the Soundview Executive Book Summaries corporate membership as well as membership in your choice of local Toastmasters International Club*.

The Soundview Executive Book Summaries offer each Access Network registered member the following:

  • A developmental and educational tool for you that is cost effective. By joining the Access Network, you will have an annual membership access to this training tool. This tool will keep you abreast of trends in the marketplace and make you more valuable to your corporation.
  • Quick, immediate access to the information. Instead of buying and reading 2-3 books a month, you will have access to these summaries immediately upon publication by Soundview through a link on our customized portal. You will also have access to the entire digital library, which includes over 100 top selling books.
  • Eliminate costly business seminars and conferences. Going to business seminars and conferences can be costly and reduces your productivity. These summaries are written by today’s most respected business leaders, many of whom lecture around the globe. You will receive knowledge-packed summaries of books from today’s leading business experts without ever having to leave your desk.
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition. Many of the subscribers are executives, upper-level managers, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, lawyers and consultants. Understanding what they need and how they think will allow you to have an edge on the competition. In addition you are “sharpening your saw,” which is one of Stephen Covey’s major concepts in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Your membership in Toastmasters offers you a variety of benefits, including:

  • Learning how to deliver sales presentations as well as brief, unprepared speeches.
  • Crafting and honing your delivery style in terms of tone, body language, voice inflection, and organization.
  • Improving management skills to work better with colleagues effectively.
  • Accepting and offering constructive criticism.
  • Handling yourself in small- and large-group sessions and meetings.
  • Toastmasters’ official monthly magazine with tips, news and more.

Online Resources :picgroup

Our member exclusive portal will help you put all the pieces together by allowing you to

  • Manage your contacts lists
  • Create a personal to-do lists
  • Track your appointments and events
  • Announce your promotions in the group’s news section
  • Set up and track referral requests

* An organization of over 200,000 members, Toastmasters is recognized as a leader in developing the public speaking and communication skills of business professionals. This is an optional service, if you join a local chapter, we will cover your membership fees.